Recycled Packaging Peanuts for your Doggie bed!

Nov 13

Recycled Packaging Peanuts for your Doggie bed!


The world today is very conscience of the earth and preserving the earth for many years to come. Everyone is becoming conscience of the footprint and what lasting impression they leave for generations to come, many have taken steps to become more ‘Green’ by recycling, using organic products, and even eating organic grown and processed foods. One huge way to impact the environment is recycling and we are not talking about separating your cans and glass bottles, we are talking about getting excess products and reusing or re-identifying what that product can be used for.

Re- identifying a known product into something used in everyday life but in a different way is a really neat way to recycle. Take for instance a package you receive in the mail. Each package delivered with fragile items in them has probably been backed delicately with packing peanuts. Those packing peanuts are made of Styrofoam and can, if not recycled, be harmful to the environment. If you reuse them for other packages or for other items in your home you can decrease the impact of your carbon foot print. Everyone who owns a pet dog wants to care and most times pamper this pet as member of the family. You can, while still recycling, use those packing peanuts to create a bed for your loving pet. If you purchase your packing peanuts from homedepot, you can get the homedept protection plan if you are looking to return an item.

The packing peanuts can be used as stuffing for an oversized pillow that can be used as a bed for your pet. Also the fabric on the outside of the bed can consist of recycled material as well. The under lining can be an old shower curtain that needs to be replaced, old sheets or linens,  and even used living room curtains that have been tossed to the way side are all great uses for found products. Using these found products for other items is a fun creative way to recycle. Using the packing peanuts will create a soft stuffed pillow for your loving pet.

Re-using items in your home that may be outdated or seem to be unusable will make you feel more creative and also decrease your impact on the earth. With all the products on the market and efforts of others in our community, we can clean the earth and have a place for our children and grandchildren for decades to come. Think before you throw something away- can I recycle this and make it new?