Dog Homes Suitable for a King

Nov 13

Dog Homes Suitable for a King

The city of Austin has long been known for some of it’s weird and wild ways, some of them which include barkitecture. With Austin’s free roaming dog parks along with a large push for animal activists, the city of Austin has become one of United States top locations for the pursuit of Barkitecture. With competitions going on yearly, Austin has brought together many different engineering firms in an attempt to create the perfect dog house, that may be suited even for a king.

These dog houses are not your ordinary everyday doghouse. These dog houses are manufactured mostly from recycled materials, are very green and earth friendly, and possess modern architecture that would be fit for a king himself. Some of the model built houses that have been built are so extravagant and modeled somewhat after fancy castles or houses that they even include miniature bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms.

How far do they take these model bought homes? A lot further than you might think. Some have been known to have working Windows, air-conditioning, kitchen cabinets, an electric baseboard heater and laminate countertops. When going for the number one rating of having the best built doghouse, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some of the newer homes being made with even granite or marble flooring to stun the crowds and the judges.

If you are a dog lover and activist, Austin Texas is a great place for you to live. With a no leash law in their city dog park, even if you live in a small home that does not allow much room for your pet to run or get much exercise in, you still have the freedom and use of an awesome dog park. Meet fellow dog owners and make new friends on a daily basis, all the while your dog is getting all the exercise and releasing all the energy it needs to.

Do you think that you could build a home to compete with some of the top leading Barkitecture artists? If you have a doghouse that goes above and beyond the normal call of any everyday average normal doghouse, please feel free to share your photos here. We would love to display the many different art forms in which people take the art of building to a new level. Let us see your house in action, with your pet inside.